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I'll be flying out of LAX by the end of January. No crazy events so hope to get some gambling in!
Always remember that having LOADS of people makes tables costly and slot machines TIGHT.

I'll have reviews up for LAX, the Hotels I plan on visiting, and some Casino action.

Cannot wait!


Getting ready for another Vegas trip!!!

Planning flights, hotels, and car rentals gets me fired up for Vegas!

The Bachelor Party!

The trip was very successful! I had a lot of fun with family, old friends, new friends, and even some strangers!

I'll be sharing pictures, reviews I created and some tips. Generally, try to learn from my mistakes. That's the whole purpose to this website!

The trip begins with a wait at the very quaint and small Long Beach Airport.

I decided to fly jetBlue for the first time and you can check out my review about the jetBlue experience and try the airline for yourself to see if you agree!

Here's a few snapshots on my way to the airplane at the Long Beach Airport.

Note that this is an outside ramp vs. a covered connector to the plane.

If you are native to LAX this is quite a change up so be warned should it be raining season in Long Beach ;)

The iconic logo of jetBlue is a bit of a disconnect from the tiny long beach airport. The plane looked a bit worn, but not in a scary way.

The last few steps towards the plane and then a short wait until take off!

Ahh good old Vegas. I'll write up a bit more about the airlines and the McCarran Airport in a more thorough guide, but ultimately if you are flying, and don't want to get gouged for taxi rides, make your way towards the rental car shuttle.

There isn't separate rental locations like other airports the McCarran Airport has a rental center that houses all rental companies available in Las Vegas.

A quick stop at the hertz rental booth where I provided them a $100.00 coupon I received from my wife’s chase rewards. Always try to get them points or discounts!

My travel bag just chilling there waiting patiently for our turn...

We ended up with a chevy Endeavor which wasn’t bad at all. It fits five very comfortably and I liked the extra bag space!

Here is the actual car outside a subways we stopped at. Not a normal tradition, but a quick bite to hold us over before the real deal.

We spotted an interesting building on the way to dropping off my wife and sister-in-law’s at this thai restaurant they wanted to go to for the bachelorette crew.

After dropping of the ladies we went straight to the Social House where we had some snacks and drinks.

12 year old macallan... some like em young and tender.

Kobe sliders... Very tender and full of flavor!

Spicy tuna on fried white rice. It was tasty, but a bit spicy for me.

Ramen which was very delicious. It had the pork base which was nice and thick (not creamy) and full of flavor.

Side of dried garlic and spices for the Ramen!

After we ate we went to our check-ins. We stayed at the Hilton Honors Vacation apartments. I also had been comp’d rooms at the Gold Coast and the Palace Station. More on comps later! Here's a view from our drive.

Me fully ready to party at Chateau nightclub in paris!

The bachelor crew in a stretched hummer!

Party just getting started!

I ran into a film crew filming these folks.

Turns out this guys name is “Vincente” from what I could hear anyway. They were filming for MTV France is what I got out of the crew working that night.

We had a great night, but that’s about all I can say as the rest stays in Vegas!

The next day four of us went shooting. This is my family (we all married in) shooting away.

The new member of the in-laws! Shooting like a boss!

We had breakfast the next day at the Hash House a Go Go. The food was tasty and our waitress was sassy.

NPH, a national hero... Clearly honored at the Hash House!

The hangover champ also gracing the walls of the Hash House!

Nothing wrong with some Chicken and Waffles!

This was SUPER sweet. THis is the bread pudding and ice cream.

Now on the way back. Watched a little bit of TV on the plane!

Finally made it back home! See you next time Las Vegas!



Just a few cigars to get the party started!

Just a few items that I am setting up for the bachelor trip.

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